Renting Wildwood Privacy Policy

Renting Wildwood is not responsible for any transactions made between a homeowner and a renter, property management, the condition of any home upon arrival or departure, or vacation management of any sort. Renting Wildwood exists solely to connect homeowners to renters, and once that aspect of our partnership is complete, the relationship between the two parties is managed between them. At no time will Renting Wildwood ever charge any renter a fee for a home rental.

Although we verify all of our homeowners, it is still very important for all parties to be aware of scammers.

Renting Wildwood does not control rental policies of our owners, contracts, cancelations, cancelation policies, calendars, pricing or anything further regarding the actual rental process. The before mentioned aspects of any rental is controlled by each individual owner. Owners are bound by law to follow state regulations concerning rentals, but are also free to set their own rules for renters to follow.

We fully expect our owners to accurately represent their rental properties to renters. Renting Wildwood is not responsible for any misrepresentation, and should any false advertising take place we reserve the right to disable an owner’s account, with no refund.

Renting Wildwood reserves the right to update, change, or rearrange anything on our website at any given time. We will not be issuing refunds or partial refunds for anytime the site may be down, as this is not only a rare occurrence, but also should not affect overall operations.

All owner memberships are for one solid year. We do not issue refunds to any owner who decides to sell their home in the middle of their contract, or who decides to no longer rent their property. All sales are final.

We will never share your information with third party partners. All users who provide their contact information will always have the option of opting out of communications from Renting Wildwood.